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Graders will shortly be available on Amazon and other outlets

Graders screened at the Swedish International Film festival 8.7.16

Guest blog on Stage 32 on 21st May 2015.

Janet De Vigne and Graders on BBC website 22.03.15

Graders at Marché Du Film 2013, Cannes. Stand Lerins S6 via Striped Entertainment. 15.05.13

Graders on Go Into The Story. 16.05.13

Graders screened at the Bootleg Film Festival22.03.13

Flicker Magazine review18.02.13

Creative HI 9.10.12

Graders wins Best Feature Award at Nemffest 8.10.12

Graders has its US premiere at Gotham Screen International Film Festival,New York 25.09.12

Graders nominated for Best Feature Award at Nemffest 31.08.12

Courier 20.08.12

BBC News 18.08.12

Hollywood Investigator 22.07.12

BBC News 19.07.12

Scotsman.com 22.05.12

BBC News 16.05.12

Highland News 21.11.11

Emito.net 10.11.11

Ross-shire Journal 7.11.11

BBC News 22.10.11

Newsweek Poland 17.10.11

The Northern Times 7.10.11

BBC News4.10.11

BBC News29.6.11

Polish Gazeta1.7.11

Artwork 1.6.11