Ania and Celina singing Return to Me


"Theatre of Blood" and "Oblivion"
composed by Wullie Buchan & Mikie Jacobs
Performed by FeRRal

"Return to Me"
composed by Marlene MacKenzie.
Lyrics by David Hutchison.
Sung by Joanna Kaczynska & Agnieska Bressler
Guitar by Emma Hindle

"Hej Sokoly"
by Tomasz Padurra sung by Joanna Kaczynska & Agnieska Bressler

"Fiddlededee" and "Lobo's Lament"

Composed by Wullie Buchan & Ian MacKenzie.
Performed by KeLLtecK

"Air chul na h-uirigh"
composed and performed by Eilidh MacKenzie from her Saoghal Sona project

"Maraiche nan Cuantan"
composed by Flora MacPhail & Angus (Skippinish) MacPhail. Performed by Canntaireachd

"Shane Kenneth Macleod"
composed by Joan Hutchison
Fiddle : Joan Hutchison
Piano : Marlene MacKenzie

"Psycho Robot Communication"
composed and performed by Brainz in Jarz

"Pago Io Vovro"composed by
Eilidh MacKenzie
Text taken from poem by Vincenzo Bellini
Vocal: Elizabeth McCormack
Bowed bass: Ged Grimes
Cello: Christine Hanson
Violin: Gordon Gunn
from the album Bel Canto on the MacMeanmna record label,

"Arrol Alol Soteten Borul Az Eg"
traditional hungarian folksong sung and accompanied on guitar by Dora Kollar