GRADERS  (90 mins, 2012)

Graders is a mystery chiller starring Joanna Kaczynska , Greg Drysdale, Agnieszka Bresler and Janet De Vigne.


Polish artist Ania works in a restaurant while her sister Celina busks on the streets of Edinburgh. When recruitment consultant Lem offers Celina a job in a fish factory in the Highlands, she travels to the remote peninsula of Innisaig near Ullapool, where she then disappears.

Ania travels to Innisaig to look for Celina, but instead finds her sister's precious guitar. Knowing that her sister would never leave the guitar behind she realises that something really is wrong and she is compelled to investigate further.

is David Hutchison's debut film. It was filmed in his home village of Lochinver and in Kinlochbervie, Buckie and Edinburgh

Graders had its Scottish premiere at The Inverness Film Festival and its US premiere at the Gotham Screen International Film Festival in New York in September 2012.

Graders is represented by US sales agent Striped Entertainment , New York.

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